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Tongkat Ali Malaysia - Khang Shen Herbs



Together with bird’s nest, tinware, Tongkat Ali is known as one of Malaysia’s three national treasures. Tongkat Ali roots contribute most natural essential supplements effects that have a variety of effects which are good for human’s health. According to clinical trials proven by University of Malaysia (UM), Tongkat Ali aids in a wide range of medicinal supplements. In addition, its extracts enhance physical strength and vitality, reduce fatigue, and also improve various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and more. There are three types of Tongkat Ali, which are divided into Yellow, Red and Black Tongkat Ali. Different Tongkat Ali has different effects as each suit the remedy to the diseases.

Tongkat Ali Malaysia - Khang Shen Herbs


Benefits of Tongkat Ali

  1. Reduce Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, High Blood Lipids & High Blood Pressure

  2. Anti-Cancer

  3. Boost Sexual Libido

  4. Promote Overall Body Function & Cure for Anxiety

  5. Improve Male Testosterone & Kidney Function

  6. Anti-Bacteria & Detoxification

  7. Improve fertility

  8. 延缓更年期

  9. Reduce Rheumatism

Before purchasing Tongkat Ali supplements

  1. Double check the origin and sources before purchasing Tongkat Ali

In the current marketplace, there are too many unknown Tongkat Ali brand with hidden sellers’ identifications. The wide demand for male sexual enhancement and health supplements attracted questionable retailers. Sometimes they will provide inappropriate methods of consuming Tongkat Ali. Beware of these scammers! Tongkat Ali products provided by them may be harmful and causes further risk to your body health.

Tongkat Ali Malaysia certifications - Khang Shen Herbs

  1. Read on reviews

Reviews are the best source you can get a sneak peek at online products, not to mention health supplements like Tongkat Ali Malaysia that has a direct impact on your health. It is important to understand the overall characteristics and possible outcome of the Tongkat Ali reviews by other buyers online. Does it provide what you are looking for? Do most consumers leave satisfactory reviews and comments on the given products? Look for these reviews and have a brief idea whether should you or should you not buy.

  1. Check for scammers

In 2006, Malaysia’s Drug Control Authority has tested 100 products which contain Tongkat Ali and 26 of them contained mercury levels that are higher than acceptable. This is why it is very important for interested buyers to ONLY purchase from trusted and qualified Tongkat Ali merchant who has established a reputation and brand quality.

To explain in simple words, Tongkat Ali purchased from quality retails can help in all sickness and illness. Research shows positive benefits when consuming Tongkat Ali and does not indicate any negative side effects. Not only does consuming Tongkat Ali can improve male testosterone and sex libido, reduce diabetes and high blood pressure, it is also been served as a health supplement to detox, enhance immunity and increase overall body function.

With the combination of beneficial Tongkat Ali supplement support, healthy diet and regular exercise, your body health will only guarantee to improve and enhanced greatly.


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