Tongkat Ali Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ):

1)Does Tongkat Ali an aphrodisiac? 


No. Although Tongkat Ali known as “natural aphrodisiac”. But it is definitely a natural herbal supplement for people.

2)What are the main benefits of Tongkat Ali? 


Malaysia Wild Tongkat Ali is the best choice of 100% natural health supplement used as natural energizer against fatigue for people. It promotes blood circulation, metabolism, enhance endocrine system and immune function.It also used for remission of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, gout and rheumatism and other metabolic diseases.


3)Can women take Tongkat Ali?


Yes. Tongkat Ali is one of the natural anti-aging health supplements for women.It can make women physically become energetic and looks younger. Tongkat Ali also suitable for menopausal women as it helps maintain progesterone production from the ovaries and adrenal glands. Tongkat Ali helps both men and women naturally increase their testosterone level which can improve sexual arousal and physical performance.

4)Can Tongkat Ali replaced medicine?


No. Tongkat Ali is herbal supplement to maintain health. It cannot fully replace the medicine.

5)Does Tongkat Ali makes me aggressive if I intake high dosage of Tongkat Ali? 


Tongkat Ali actually reduces aggressiveness and promotes a sense of calm and confidence. This anxiety relieving effect was also demonstrated in animal studies in that the test rats exhibited a reduced tendency to fight and performed better (improved motor skills) in tests designed to mimic stress and anxiety. Tongkat Ali does not contain any testosterone in itself as it acts only as a precursor to prompt the body to supply more of its own testosterone and this also includes improving the useable or free “good” testosterone within physiological normal parameters.

Some of the body builders who inject large doses of synthetic testosterone hormone actually reduce their bodies own production and may experience increased aggression as well as hair loss, reduction in testicular size, outbreaks of acne and heart problems amongst others.