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What maternal mother should eat during postpartum confinement?

What should maternal mother eat after giving birth

Every postpartum mother will require plenty of nutrients supplements after giving birth. Maternal moms are usually at the loss of vitamins as the newborn has absorbed all of the nutrients during pregnancy. This is why maternal moms are at her weakest and need the most and best food to regain her health during postpartum confinement.

In Chinese culture, postnatal birth care is called “zuoyuezi”. Chinese believed that postpartum confinement care can improve the overall health and body of the maternal mother. There are plenty of traditions that Chinese maternal mom will follow, such as avoid showering during this period of time. One of the best and direct ways for maternal mom to recover is through consuming healthy postpartum food.  

During the first 2 days after giving birth, the postpartum mom can try to take in light food that can be digested easily. However, do take note that during the first 2 days, it is preferable to avoid taking an overdose of supplements. On the third day, new mommy can restore her normal diet and start the complete postpartum confinement care process.

So, what is the best postpartum food for maternal mother and what to eat after giving birth?

  1. Brown sugar

Postpartum Confinement Meal

Maternal moms tend to sweat a lot or lose lots of blood inevitably. Excessive bleeding can lead to anaemia. Once suffers anaemia, the postpartum mother will be prone to dizziness. To avoid this, it is recommended that new mom consume food that contains brown sugar.

Brown sugar contains the right amount of iron which can help the maternal mother to nourish and supplementing blood. To fully retain health, maternal moms need to discharge out the lochia. The consumption of brown sugar is conducive in the releasing of lochia discharge.

  1. Egg

Postpartum Confinement Meal

While choosing a list of confinement food rich in nutritional supplements, try to pick food selection that is nutrient-rich but less irritating. Eggs are one of the ideal food that also provides the extra protein needed by the maternal mother. It is cheap and contains high nutritional value. The lecithin contains within the egg promotes great maternal health and acts a natural nutritious food during postnatal care.

This is why the egg is one of the best food to includes during postpartum confinement meal and recipes. However, over consumption is never good even if the food has a high value of nutrients. Keep the consuming amount to 2-3 eggs per day. Consuming the appropriate amount is more conducive to the recovery of postpartum mother’s physical strength.

  1. Broth / Nutritional soup

Postpartum Confinement Meal

Many Chinese elders will prepare a large variety of broth or chicken soup for the maternal mom after giving birth. Chinese believes herbal soup can provides the most and complete proteins and nutrients need for women.

Why do most postpartum meal and recipes include soup? Broth contains a high amount of protein and calcium. In addition, it’s delicious taste can be very appetising for the maternal mom who has been consuming light food.

  1. Sesame

Postpartum Confinement Meal

Sesame is rich in calcium, protein and other nutrients. It is especially beneficial for the maternal mother to consume during the period of postpartum confinement. There are many methods in serving sesame, such as sesame paste or sprinkle some in oatmeal during breakfast. It is recommended for postpartum mom to consume a black sesame as it is an excellent source of magnesium and calcium.

As maternal mother has suffered severe blood loss, it is better to consume zinc-rich foods, such as black sesame seeds. It reduces the risk of suffering from bone fractures caused by reduced bone density or osteoporosis. Optimal black sesame may reduce the frequency and length of the common cold as it keeps the immune system of maternal mom healthy.

  1. Natural Herbal Supplements

Postpartum Confinement Meal

Much postnatal meal care besides including a list healthy confinement food, some maternal mother also take in natural herbal supplements. Tongkat Ali produced by Khang Shen Malaysia can help postpartum moms to replenish smoother skin and regain better health. The common misconception for Tongkat Ali is that that it only serves as male enhancement products and testosterones boosters.

Well, that is not it. Tongkat Ali serves as a natural herbal supplement perfect for both men and women as well, especially maternal mothers during postnatal care. It is suitable for the postpartum mom who may have the problems of uterine inertia, constant exhaustion, fatigue and body aches.

Every maternal mother deserves the best and complete postnatal care. Remember to take good care of the body as this is the time where postpartum moms require rest and nutrients the most. With better postpartum confinement care, maternal mommies can regain health faster. Always remember the key: consume only the appropriate amount and don’t abuse it.

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